FSXRemote for Android


FSXRemote for Android is a set of modules which interact with Microsoft Flight Simulator X

FSXRemote V2.0 includes 2 modules, A radio/Rmi Module and an Engines Module

The first module is a Radio/Rmi module.

It includes the following features:

  •  Com1 Com2 panels
  •  Nav1 Nav2 panels
  •  StdBy-Mkr-Ident buttons
  •  Dme1 and Dme2 indicators
  •  Adf1 and Adf2 panels
  •  Transponder panel
  •  Rmi gauge
  •  Ap Heading control

The second module  displays engines data .

It includes the following features:

  • Rpm Gauges
  • Fuel Flow Gauges
  • Fuel Capacity
  • Start and Stop Engines buttons

The gauges monitor up to 4 engines with 2 needles per gauge.

On right side you keep the Heading/Rmi gauge for a better control of your plane.

Now you can use external Radio Panel and  Engine Panel with any android tablet under 100$ !

If you needed a good reason to buy an Android Tablet, now you got it !

The different controls send commands to FSX but are also updated if you use them from FSX panels.

 How it Works :

  • You need to install FSXRemote Server on the computer where FSX runs.
  • You buy (only 8.59 €) and install FSXRemote on your Android Tablet.
  • Use either wifi connection or ethernet wire connection between your Tablet and your computer
  • That’s all Folks !

  Requirements :

  • Flight Simulator X on your computer
  • FSXRemote Server on your computer (Free to download)
  • An Android (from 2.2) device 1024 pixels width and 600 px height and wifi or ethernet connection

Where to buy ?

FSXRemote is available on Android Market place at the price of 6.99 €