FSXRemote Server


FSXRemote Server is required for the Android FSXRemote modules. FSXRemote Server is a basic TCP server which receives requests from FSXRemote on your Android tablet. It transmits the requests to simconnect which interacts with FSX. It works in background as a tray icon software. The icons are  red or green depending on the simconnect connection status (red off green on)

simconnect off simconnect on  

 How it Works :

  • FSXRemote Server transmits/receives to/from simconnect tcp requests received/sent from t/to the Tablet though wifi or ethernet connection.
  • It works in background with slow resources and doesn’t affect your FPS.
  • To allow an automatic start with FSX its recommended to use the program  Register FSXRemote Server included in the package. This program will write the required statement into the exe.xml file that FSX uses to know what programs to start with.

  Requirements :

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X © on your computer
  • FSXRemote Server requires Framework 2.0 installed on your computer.
  • You need the right version of simconnect. If FSXRemote server can’t find the right version use this one. It will be installed besides other versions you could have.

Where to buy ? The FSXRemote Server is free  !