LockOnRemote for Android


LockOnRemote for Android is an Android app which allows to send commands to LockOn FC2

Displaying  panels of buttons, its a wonderful tool to organize, by yourself, the so many commands required to pilot a modern aircraft.

LockOnRemote interacts with LockOn FC2 through the Lua API of LockOn.

It uses  LockOnRemote server installed on your PC to dialog.

In the FREE Lite version you have one set of 24 buttons predefined.


 The predefined will be subject to changes according to a pool to come.

The FULL version priced at 3.49 € will include 4 sets of buttons you will define by yourself amongst hundreds commands available.

 How it Works :

  • Step 1 you need to unzip the Arpasimlua.zip file in the Config\Export folder of you LockOn FC2 installation directory.
  • Step 2 you need to set on true the line  EnableExportScript = true    in the Config.Lua file.
  • Step 3 you have to install LockOnRemote Server on your computer (Dotnet Framework4 required).
  • You buy  and install LockOnRemote  on your Android Tablet. (Free Lite version here)
  • Use either wifi connection or ethernet wire connection between your Tablet and your computer
  • That’s all Folks !

For a better understanding of the different steps here are the mechanics. The lua scripts get from the LockOnRemote server  the commands and send them to FC2. The  LockOnRemote server receives the commands from your tablet.

  Requirements :

Where to buy ?

LockOnRemote  Lite   is on Android Market place  for free 

LockOnRemote  will be soon on Android Market place at the price of 3.49 €