LockOnRemote Server

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LockOnRemote  Server is required for the Android LockOnRemote  app. LockOnRemote  Server is a basic TCP server which receives requests from LockOnRemote  on your Android tablet. It transmits the requests to LockOn FC2 through the Lua API. It works in background as a tray icon software. The icons are  red or green depending on the  connection status (red off green on)

simconnect off simconnect on

 How it Works :

  • LockOnRemote  Server transmits to LockOn FC2 requests received  from the Tablet though wifi or ethernet connection.
  • It works in background with slow resources and doesn’t affect your FPS.
  • The Lua scripts inside the LockOn FC2 app start to send request to  LockOnRemote  Server when you start a mission. So before starting a mission don’t forget to have your  LockOnRemote  Server on.
  • LockOnRemote  Server is pretty stable and can work indefinitely so once you started it (before starting the game), you shouldn’t have to worry about it.

  Requirements :

Where to buy ? The LockOnRemote  Server is free   Download V1.0 !